Hello Networkers,

We expect to have two very productive and well-attended meetings this week. Our Port Saint Lucie meeting will be on Wednesday at 8 am and our Palm Beach Gardens meeting will be on Friday at 8:15 am.

Important note for the PSL meeting on Wednesday: We will not be in Room F. For the first and only time (we think) our SPAM meeting will take place in Room B.

On Wednesday, our presenter will be Tammy Crandell of Journaventure Travel and Tours. Learn how she can help you get the relaxation and enjoyment from travel that you need and deserve.

On Friday, our presenter will be Michelle Fassberg of RegencyDRT. She will explain how her company can help you recover from home damage situations like floods, fires, and more.

We’d like to thank all of you who joined us for our SPAM-100 party on March 3rd. It was an exciting dinner and comedy show event with about 65 people in attendance. To our complete surprise, Mayor Oravec presented us with a certificate on behalf of his office, the City Council, 1,100 city employees, and 200,000 Port Saint Lucie residents to commemorate our 100 consecutive Wednesday meetings. Needless to say, we feel extremely honored and grateful for this recognition. Huge thanks to the Mayor and the great City of Port Saint Lucie.

See you at the meetings.

Barry and Mark

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