Hello Shameless Networkers,

We are off to a great start in 2020. Our first meeting back at the PSL Community Center after the holidays was thriving with about 40 people in attendance and a great of business is happening between attendees. This week’s S.P.A.M. meeting is expected to be very well-attended as well. Don’t miss this week’s chance to join in, make new connections, and do some shameless promotion.

Our presenter this week is Richard Stein of All Florida Investigations. Come learn about the many security services his company offers.

Do you have a guest in mind to bring? It could be anyone, like your: friend, neighbor, sibling, parent, child, gardener, dental hygienist, chef, dog sitter, or hairstylist. Guests and first-timers are free and have the option to speak, but certainly don’t need to if they’d rather not.

Important note: We now have a link to Seniors vs. Crime at the bottom of all pages on the www.ShamelessPromotion.biz website. If you know any seniors who might be the target of a scam, this is the organization that can help.

See you soon.

Barry and Mark

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