Paul Gray, Southern Health and Wellness

Focused on providing innovative solutions with the highest levels of client satisfaction, we will do everything we can to meet your requirements and expectations. We offer a full line of Medical Grade Hemp (CBD’s) products that has had a major positive impact on the lives of many people & their pets. These products are GREAT for anyone that has Anxiety, Inflammation, Pain, Sleep issues, Seizures & much much more… You can buy it online for yourself or if you have a retail location, I can set you up as a wholesale account.

We also offer individuals, families & small to medium size businesses, Private Health Insurance Plans through our insurance agency. Now that the mandate does not apply for 2019, there are no more tax penalties for individuals that don’t purchase an Obamacare health policy. The plans that we have are NOT part of the ACA, therefore, if you qualify, the premiums are about 1/3 of the Obamacare plans. The best plan that I have found for this area is an Aetna PPO plan that has some great coverage for my clients. Contact me for a quote today at 772-446-4142

Our products provide physicians with valuable information thus increasing the quality of patient care. We have strategically partnered with vendors who are the leaders in the industry with state of the art services that provide forward-thinking initiatives and compliant solutions.

Business Details

Who would be a good referral for you? People looking for Health Insurance or CBD’s
Business address and/or service area 1555 SW Jacqueline Ave PSL 34953 (All of Florida)
Business phone number 772-446-4142
Mobile phone number 469-338-1161
Email address [email protected]
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