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Michael McCann — Northwestern Mutual

I am passionate about helping individuals & businesses achieve their personal, business, & financial goals in a way that is effective & proven to be successful. We help people plan for the expected & the unexpected by implementing Individualized planning for each situation. Like fingerprints, no 2 situations are alike.

At Northwestern Mutual, we offer both offensive & defensive planning, this includes:
• Life Insurance
• Long Term Care Insurance
• Disability Insurance
• Business Planning
• College Planning
• Group Benefits
• Investments
and much, much more.

Business Details

Who would be a good referral for you? Any Family, Individual or Business owner who doesn’t have a retirement plan, hasn’t reviewed their existing plan recently or would be interested in a fresh set of eyes taking a look at what’s in place. Anyone who has had any type of life event in the last 6 months or longer. Anyone who has loved ones that would be left left behind or liable in the event of a premature death or disability.
Business address and/or service area 250 S. Australian
Suite 1601
Business phone number 15613858181
Mobile phone number 15613858181
Email address [email protected]
Website address/URL https://www.facebook.com/McCannFinancial/
LinkedIn profile www.linkedin.com/in/mccann-michael
Facebook Page address https://www.facebook.com/McCannFinancial/


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Palm Beach Gardens SPAM Every Friday!

We now have meetings every Friday morning in Palm Beach Gardens!

Join us there for great networking and Shameless promotion.

8:15 am at the Burns Road Community Center.

First-Timers are Always Free!

As a new policy starting in July, first-timers to all of our networking meetings are free! That’s right. You can bring invite guests as new attendees without them needing to pay the meeting fee — SPAM or Mixer meetings.

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