Joe Garcia and Mayor Oravec holding a patriotic roseIt was an honor to have Mayor Oravec with us again at our Shameless Wednesday morning meeting on August 28th. He was both a participating attendee and presenter on that day. To the amusement of everyone there, his first comment to the group was, “I don’t usually go to parties this early.”

In his presentation, he answered questions regarding the upcoming opening of the Crosstown Parkway extension. (Several Shameless members wanted to know what the speed limit will be.) He also discussed taxes and how they are divided between the City of Port Saint Lucie and Saint Lucie County.

At the end of his talk, he was presented with a beautiful patriotic rose from Joe Garcia and Creations by Linda.

The meeting was then capped off by the traditional end-of-the-month SPAM Awards, given by Greg Hollen. The winners were: Lisa Ianelli, Mayor Oravec, and very cute young girl brought by Dave and Mimi Shackley of Great White Home Inspections.

Shameless Promotion and Muffins is a business networking group that meets every Wednesday from 8-9 am at the Port Saint Lucie Community Center. Would you like to join in the fun? Click here for more information.

Photos courtesy of Teri Roberts Photography

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