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The National Assoc. of Local Businesses offers “local business owners” access to over 100 Top Quality – highly vetted – Products and Services at discounted pricing, normally reserved for larger companies. Through our collective buying power and national presence, our Association allows a stand-alone business to level the playing field (with larget companies) and be more profitable, productive & promoted to more local customers. Our products are business services every small business would use, making us like a “Costco for local businesses”. Our portfolio of products and services includes; Social Media Management, SEO, Website design, Accounting Services, Credit Card Process (with zero fees), Tech Support, Insurance, Business Funding, Sales Training and Business Coaching and so much more… with over 100 products and services, we have something for everyone. All products are listed and available on

Our Ambassador and Territory Ownership programs provide B2B professionals and investors an unprecendented rapid ROI and long term income opportunity with lifetime residual commissions. For more info go to

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Who would be a good referral for you? Local Business owners/ B2B Sales Reps
Business address and/or service area Offices in Jupiter Florida & Boston MA – Nationwide Opportunities
Business phone number 781-227-0531
Mobile phone number 203.247.2008
Email address [email protected]
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We now have meetings every Friday morning in Palm Beach Gardens!

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8:15 am at the Burns Road Community Center.

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As a new policy starting in July, first-timers to all of our networking meetings are free! That’s right. You can bring invite guests as new attendees without them needing to pay the meeting fee — SPAM or Mixer meetings.

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