Hello Networkers,

There are 3 Shameless events going on this week. Here are the details…

1. Party at The Hoffman on Tuesday, 6 pm. This is a celebration for reaching the milestone of 75 consecutive SPAM meetings. The Hoffman is a beautiful location, right on the waterfront in Jensen Beach. It will be $10 Schnitzel Night, so bring a good appetite and be ready to have fun. Here’s the address: 3825 NE Indian River Dr, Jensen Beach, FL 34957

2. Wednesday’s SPAM meeting will bring back the theme of “Make a Rhyme, Get More Time.” If you make at least one rhyme during your commercial, the siren sound will be delayed. If you don’t make a rhyme, you will still get your full 45-seconds, so that’s fine too. Also, our featured presenter will be Lucie McGuire of Arrow Title Insurance. Lucie always has an interesting and fun way of teaching us about title insurance, so don’t miss her presentation.

3. The Thursday meeting will take place, as always, at 5:30 pm at the PSL Community Center. It was formally known as the “Shameless Mixer.” Its new name is the “Shameless Pizza Mixer.” Since networking while eating pizza is the tradition at the meeting, we thought we’d change the name a bit to reflect that.

We hope to see you at as many Shameless events as possible! Fun and great networking will take place.

Shamelessly yours,

Barry and Mark

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