business expo sceneShameless Promotion and Muffins is proud to be partnered with Biz to Biz Networking, which is the premiere organizer of business expos and networking events in Southern Florida. Since 1985, Biz to Biz Networking has been providing opportunities for business owners to obtain exposure and reach new customers. Their massive outreach attracts thousands of business owners and consumers to over 100 networking events per year, including large expos that take place on a monthly basis.

From large corporate vendors like Sprint, Costco and Aflac to small mom and pop businesses, Biz to Biz Networking provides events for everyone to gain exposure, make new contacts, and expand their customer base.


booth at expoBiz to Biz Networking started in 1985 by Harry Baum, who published his own monthly newspaper in South Florida. What started as a monthly business card exchange soon turned into twice per month, three times, four times and the rest is history! Just think back in 1985 there wasn’t the internet, social media… so the best way to meet new business connections was to come face to face and after 29 years later…it’s still the best way!

When Harry Baum started the networking events, he wanted a venue where people could meet after-work to share ideas, fun, and food with fellow business people. This is best way to establish long-term relationships. No need to wake up and rush to the 7:30 AM morning breakfasts. At Biz to Biz Networking events, you may not be the only person from your profession in attendance. But you also may hit it off with a contact who feels comfortable with you, even though others in your profession have been at the meeting. All businesses are people businesses- the more people you speak with, the more doors open up for you.

The goal behind Biz to Biz networking is to create the best environment for networking throughout South Florida. You may choose which location, city, dates to attend the networking events. Take advantage of the power of business-to-business networking through our successful networking events. You pay only ten dollars each time you attend the networking events or you may choose to become a VIP Member for $199 per year which allows you to attend as many Biz to Biz Networking events for one full year.

Biz to Biz Networking host several Business Expos throughout South Florida each year. These business expos are designed for you to get your business name in front of hundreds at a very reasonable rate.

Chalkboard News…

First-Timers are Always Free!

As a new policy starting in July, first-timers to all of our networking meetings are free! That’s right. You can bring invite guests as new attendees without them needing to pay the meeting fee — SPAM or Mixer meetings.

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