group attendees with the mayorThis Wednesday will be our third “Pack the House” day meeting, and we expect a fantastic turnout. Be sure to attend and bring a guest, if possible.

Your guest does not have to be a local business owner. Feel free to bring your: son, daughter, mom, dad, spouse, sibling, neighbor, friend, butcher, baker, candlestick maker, or anyone!

Guests and first time attendees can attend for free, and have the option to speak (but don’t have to).

Our meetings have been growing in size and in productivity, which is very exciting. Last week we were honored by the attendance of our Port St. Lucie Mayor, Gregory Oravec.

This week’s presenter will be Lisa Iannelli who will display her hand-made jewelry.

Also, we are excited to try our NEW 45-CUP COFFEEMAKER!

See you at Shameless!

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