Mayor Oravec Joins the “Party”

It was an honor to have Mayor Oravec with us again at our Shameless Wednesday morning meeting on August 28th. He was both a participating attendee and presenter on that day. To the amusement of everyone there, his first comment to the group was, “I don’t usually go to parties this early.”

In his presentation, he answered questions regarding the upcoming opening of the Crosstown Parkway extension. (Several Shameless members wanted to know what the speed limit will be.) He also discussed taxes and how they are divided between the City of Port Saint Lucie and Saint Lucie County.

At the end of his talk, he was presented with a beautiful patriotic rose from Joe Garcia and Creations by Linda.

The meeting was then capped off by the traditional end-of-the-month SPAM Awards, given by Greg Hollen. The winners were…

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A Huge Shameless Announcement (actually 2)

Hello Shameless networkers. This message is to make two big announcements. 1. As a new policy going forward, first-timers will always be free for S.P.A.M. and the Shameless Mixer! That’s right. Feel free to invite people to both Shameless meetings and know that they can attend without any charge. 2. Everyone who attends S.P.A.M. this Wednesday will get a high-quality, comfortable, elegant, shiny and Shameless pen! These pens are in limited supply, so don’t miss your chance to collect one this week. (A special thanks to Deborah Fiske of ASAP for supplying these beautiful pens!) We expect a very big turnout for S.P.A.M. this week and look forward to seeing you there. Due to the July 4th holiday, there will be no Shameless Mixer on Thursday. See you soon. Barry and Mark Please share this...

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3 Things to Know This Week

Hello Treasure Coast networkers. We hope you had a nice Father’s Day weekend. This message is to Shamelessly promote 3 things: 1. Wednesday’s S.P.A.M. meeting will be our usual 1-hour format, from 8-9am. Join in for great networking and the chance to do a 45-second commercial to promote what you offer. A great turnout is expected. Also, our featured presenter will be Theresa Chamran, so don’t miss the opportunity to learn more about her and Arbonne. 2. Thursday’s Shameless Mixer will be at 5:30-6:30pm (its usual time), so be sure to take advantage of this chance for more personal networking and conversation, as well as the chance to do a 1-minute commercial. 3. If you are looking for exposure to a larger audience, consider having a table at the Biz-to-Biz Expos that are taking place in Palm Beach County starting June 24th. If you sign-up in the next 6 days, you can save $100 on the package of 3. Contact us for more information. Or visit THIS WEEK’S SPECIAL: Pay for the Mixer at the SPAM meeting and save $5, PLUS get a...

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S.P.A.M. with Jensen Chamber + Guests are Free this Wednesday

It will be another exciting week of networking this week as Shameless Promotion and Muffins holds a combined event with the Jensen Beach Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday morning, followed by the Shameless Mixer on Thursday at 5:30pm. Guests are free for the Wednesday S.P.A.M., and the schedule will be as follows: Approximately 8:00-8:30am — Open networking and ribbon cutting with the Jensen Beach Chamber of Commerce. 8:30-9:30am — Our usual S.P.A.M. meeting, guests and first timers are free. Last week’s ribbon cutting with the Saint Lucie County Chamber of Commerce was a great success and we’d like to thank all of you who celebrated with us. Did you know that we are co-organizers of the Treasure Coast Business Expo PGA on October 9th? For more information, go to: Expos We’re looking forward to seeing you at this week’s S.P.A.M. and Mixer. Shamelessly Yours, Barry and Mark Please share this...

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Saint Lucie County Chamber Ribbon Cutting for the Shameless Mixer

To all Treasure Coast business networkers, don’t miss the ribbon cutting for the Shameless Mixer by the Saint Lucie County Chamber of Commerce on Thursday, June 6th, at 5pm.

A great turnout is expected to help us celebrate the new Thursday meetings, which are taking place every week at the Port Saint Lucie Community Center. This is going to be a great party and networking event, so be sure to join in the fun!

3 Shameless Reminders

Hello Everyone. It was another great meeting this morning. Thanks to the 40+ who attended. Here are 3 reminders: 1. We now have a weekly Thursday meeting from 5-6pm, at the PSL Community Center. Last week’s Thursday meeting had a great turnout and lots of good networking happening. For more details, visit 2. Next Wednesday morning’s meeting is another edition of, “Make a Rhyme, Get More Time.” If you missed this the last time, you missed some great laughs (and lots of Shameless promotion). Don’t miss it next week. 3. To make our Facebook group more effective, we are asking that you invite 3-5 of your Facebook friends to join the group. You should see a place that says “INVITE MEMBERS” while on the group page. Click that to choose friends to invite. ALSO, whoever invites the most friends to join the group in the month of May will get a $25 restaurant gift card! We hope to see you at the Mixer tomorrow/Thursday at 5pm. Shamelessly yours, Barry and Mark Please share this...

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The Shameless Mixer is now a Thursday Fixture

A new weekly networking event got its start last Thursday and great networking was done by all. The Shameless Mixer is now a Thursday fixture, so be sure to put it on your calendar and pop in to meet new people and do a one-minute commercial. It takes place every Thursday from 5-6pm at the PSL Community Center. Of course, don’t miss Shameless Promotion and Muffins at its usual time, on Wednesday morning at 8am. We’ve been getting large turnouts and quite a lot of business is being done between members. This week’s presenter will be Beverly Beauchamp of Alterations & More. Beverly has been a standout at our Shameless meetings because of her very creative and entertaining commercials. It will be great to see what she has in store for an 8-minute segment. If you attend both Shameless events this week you will save $5 on the admission. Simply pay $10 for both at the Wednesday SPAM meeting. We look forward to seeing you soon. Barry and Mark Please share this...

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Business Networking Every Thursday 5-6pm

This is to announce a new weekly networking event to take place every Thursday from 5-6pm at the Port Saint Lucie Community Center. It’s called the Shameless Mixer and it’s a spin-off event of Shameless Promotion and Muffins, which has been growing by leaps and bounds over the last 12 months. There will be one-minute commercials so that each attendee can promote their offerings, plenty of mixer/casual conversation time, a variety of drinks to choose from, as well as tasty food items. Cost of the meeting is $10. As there are many local business people who look for opportunities to connect and promote, we are committed to the consistency and quality of this new mixer event. It will be a permanent new fixture on the local business networking scene. We hope to see you at our first meeting this week, Thursday evening, April 25. 5-6pm. Shamelessly Yours, Barry Abraham Mark Kovalsky Please share this...

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Announcing a Shameless New Event

Greetings Networkers. This message is to proudly announce a new weekly Shameless networking meeting in Port Saint Lucie. It’s going to be called the Shameless Mixer, and it will take place every Thursday from 5-6pm at the Port Saint Lucie Community Center. The first meeting will be held next week, on April 25th. We are excited to offer this networking opportunity because we’ve heard from so many who are unable to attend our meetings on Wednesday mornings because of their schedules with work, or because they have kids to help get to school. It’s always important to meet new people, and we feel this day, time, and location will be beneficial for good networking. Also, our Wednesday morning meetings have been growing very fast. This week, we had an incredible turnout of 54 people! Adding another event seems a logical progression, and we are optimistic about its success. The Shameless Mixer will have a cost of $10. You’ll get half-price, though, if you pay at the Wednesday morning meeting. (So it would be $10 for both Wednesday and Thursday meetings.) There will...

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