Hello Treasure Coast Networkers,

This email is to invite you to our big meeting this Wednesday, at 8 am, at the Port Saint Lucie Community Center. Our turnouts have been excellent so far this year. Last week we had 43 Shameless networkers in attendance. Also, a record was broken for the most coffee consumed at a single meeting. (About 40 cups! Must have had something to do with the cold weather.)

This week’s meeting will mark the return of the SPAM Awards. We haven’t had this segment for a couple of months now, so it will be exciting to see who the big winners will be. Greg Hollen will be the judge, as always, and he has his own formula for deciding who wins. Based on past results, it’s advisable to wear stylish socks and to do a very enthusiastic commercial.

Our presenter this week will be Pawel Hanczaruc. Come learn about how he can make your kitchen countertops and other home surfaces look and feel amazing.

First-timers are always free, so be sure to invite someone (or several people) to come along and join in.

Have you checked out our website lately? It has all of the details for our meetings and other helpful information. https://shamelesspromotion.biz/

Remember that starting in February, our Palm Beach Gardens meetings will be every week! (Fridays at 8:15 am)

See you soon.

Barry and Mark

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