Hello Everyone.

It was another great meeting this morning. Thanks to the 40+ who attended.

Here are 3 reminders:

1. We now have a weekly Thursday meeting from 5-6pm, at the PSL Community Center. Last week’s Thursday meeting had a great turnout and lots of good networking happening. For more details, visit https://shamelesspromotion.biz/thursday-meetings/

2. Next Wednesday morning’s meeting is another edition of, “Make a Rhyme, Get More Time.” If you missed this the last time, you missed some great laughs (and lots of Shameless promotion). Don’t miss it next week.

3. To make our Facebook group more effective, we are asking that you invite 3-5 of your Facebook friends to join the group. You should see a place that says “INVITE MEMBERS” while on the group page. Click that to choose friends to invite. ALSO, whoever invites the most friends to join the group in the month of May will get a $25 restaurant gift card!

We hope to see you at the Mixer tomorrow/Thursday at 5pm.

Shamelessly yours,

Barry and Mark

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