Hello Shameless Networkers,

We are expecting especially great turnouts for our Shameless meetings this Wednesday and Thursday, so be sure to join in for great networking and promotion.

Wednesday morning will include the always exciting-and emotional SPAM award giveaways — a.k.a., the Spammys. As always, Greg Hollen will take a scientific approach, carefully considering recent SPAM data and official award criteria. He will then announce three winners for the month of July. It could be you!

Did you know that first-timers are now always free at both SPAM and the Shameless Mixer? So, feel free to invite friends, neighbors, or colleagues to come along. They can participate like everyone else but aren’t required to speak (if they’d rather not).

Also, if you haven’t received your beautiful, high-quality, shiny, Shameless pen yet, you can get yours at one at either one of the meetings this week.

See you soon,

Barry and Mark

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